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La libreria de la Bruja Brunilda - the Bookstore of the Witch Brunhild

Este mundo de los blogs, como ya he dicho varias veces, solo hace que darme satisfacciones. Comentarios amables, dulces, de apoyo, de ánimo, sorprendentes. He recibido regalos de diferentes lugares del mundo, consejos, totoriales, ayuda desinteresada.
Hoy me han regalado algo extraordinario, una joya, un cuento que se basa en mi escena, la librería de las brujas. Os presento el cuento de la Librería de la Bruja Brunilda.
Pinchad sobre el enlace y podréis leerlo. Os encantará.
Begoña es miniaturista y debido a su formación también escribe preciosos cuentos que publica en su blog Mi baúl de cuentos.
Estoy encantada y emocionada. Abrumada diría yo por un regalo tan bello. Gracias Begoña, de todo corazón.

Blogland, as I said several times, just give me satisfaction. Comments polite comments, sweet, support, encouragement or amazing. I have received gifts from different parts of the world, tips, totoriales, disinterested help.
Today I have received something special, a jewel, a fairytale based on my scene, the witchy bookcase.

Let me introduce you the fairytale of the Bookstore of the Witch Brunhild. Click on the link and you can read it. I love it. The problem is that is written in Spanish....
Begoña is miniaturist and because of her professional background also writes beautiful fairytales published on her blog Mi baúl de cuentos (My chest of fairy tales).
I am thrilled and excited. I can say also overwhelmed by such a wonderful gift. Thanks Begoña, wholeheartedly.

I will use the translator...because is long... so forgive me if sounds "strange"...LOL

There is a place hidden in a mountain called: Villages-assembled. It is a mountain very complete, not lacking anything, has its singing river, peaking its meadows, its thick forest of birch trees that look like silver magic ... and of course different villages of the more colorful characters: the comfortable houses mushroom gnomes, the cabins of fairies, colorful and exquisite gardens .. and the witches village with huts full of mystery. And of course all the animals in their dens protected, all coexist in total harmony !!!!! so in its first Health Assembly decided to call their mountain villages gathered ...
One morning the local mail delivered the news: the witch Brunilda had opened to the public a bookstore for everyone that need his books and potions ... The news spread like wildfire to every corner .... and it became fashionable go for a walk and visit the Bookstore.

The witch Bruni, as many affectionately called her, is an atypical witch, different: young, friendly, beautiful, helpful, everyone liked him very much !!!!!! She was popular.
The Bookstore was a great success and ointments and herbal potions were served, for a toothache, headache, of punishment of the soul, a good Pupurri that nothing was reluctant to pain.
Now you shall know the
leprechaun Duldun, very curious and faithful, who looks after the interests of Brunhild. The first avalanche days to know the bookstore he was nervous:
- Organize, organize yourselves in the queue, come back tomorrow!!
and Bruni whispered to him: you have to be kind with customers ...
- But many just look !!!!!!
- You have to give them time, he said the witch judgmental, be kind.
One day a stranger arrived, she was a tiny human child so mini mini
that Duldun asked her:
-Are you a Foreign???? or a flea??? In our villages there were no fleas but one time in a book Duldun read a story about rarest of tiny beings that were biting and quite upset .... The little girl took offense:
- A flea? I do not say this. I am a very tiny tiny girl so call me Tiny
- Tiny ???????????? Really you are ... and what are you doing in our mountain ??????
- My dad is a woodcutter and I crashed out of pocket ... I'm looking for him but do not find him....
- As the wodcutters here have nothing to do because we have guardians who care for our trees .. and your dad will have gone home ....
- Without me??
- He probably think that you are sleeping in his pocket!!
Brunilda, loving, approaches to her and when she noticed that Tiny get lost, she offereded her caresses and comforts
- I have green boots made of chewing gum if you wear them you will find your house!! you can not stay here ... we could step you.

-I have to thank my parents always climb up the table .... well, I will try to put the boots ... but they are very scared grandews. I'm going to fall!!, said Tiny
-save your words suspicious !!!!! the leprechaun tells her angry .. when Brunilda does not say you for nothing ..
She obeys and put her left foot on the boot and with no effort she drop inside and is swallowed by the boot, the boot shrinks and becomes mini, mini and fits beautifully zap in the little feet of tiny !!!!! She, enchanted takes the other boot. Politely she thanks the witch and the leprechaun and when she gives her first step she run as a
fireball !!!!! Brunilda and Duldun .. heard how she has already arrived with his family.
The radio, television and the local newspaper talk in the news about the miracle
of green boots made with chewing gum... And herbookstore was so famous that she had to open branches in
the valley, the forest and her name came up out of the mountain .... and in a neighboring village to the mountain where human and loggers lives have a bookstore like the Brunilda' one and when they inaugurated it, the seller was Tiny that over the counter was attentive and solicitous of their customers ....
After a time Brunilda visited the small Tiny ...
Brunilda said: I wore a special syrup .. you haveto take it for 12 days when the first stars come out at night
Tiny knew she had to do what the witch asked without protest, not a peep as Duldun told her ... And surely you guess that little tiny grew and her parents change her name and gave her a new name: EVA.

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Eva - tatalamaru dijo...

Un cuento muy bonito y encima con homenaje y todo, no te quejarás diminuta Eva, jajaja....un besito y enhorabuena!!!! Besos

Cia of Briarwood Studio dijo...


Sans! dijo...

Haha, 2 stories in 1 week, Eva ! It is indeed special, my dear :) but your work does inspire . I have enjoyed your friend's story ! Please let her know :)

aru dijo...

Me encanta la librería. Te has lucido en la cantidad de detalles. Es necesario estudirla con detalle para sacar ideas.

Enhorabuena Eva

TINK - SONIA dijo...

Tu pequeña librería es una preciosidad, tiene tantas cosas bonitas que me he maravillado un buen rato con cada detalle,es genial Eva.
Y el detallazo de Begoña es total.
Muchos besicos,Sonia

Catherine dijo...

I'm back Eva! what a lovely fairy tale ,your work is beautiful! have a nice week besos catherine

Fabi dijo...

Estupendos y mágicos detalles de la librería. Parecen tan reales como si de verdad fueran grandes.

Catherine dijo...

Thanks for coming Eva.I hope you enjoyed the cruise!!! have a nice evening besos catherine


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